Take The 12 Hour Bar Crawl in Las Vegas

When was the last time you had a real bar crawl? You know the type I am talking about, a full day of sampling cocktails and beers that turns into an afternoon of flirtatious behavior that transforms into an evening of debauchery and “never again” type of memories.

You need a bar crawl in Las Vegas. Buckle up because you are about to go for a ride.

Las Vegas allows you to reinvent yourself even if it’s just for one day. Recapture that wild college persona or do something that you just have not done ever. That is where the 12-hour bar crawl comes in. You’ll tour Las Vegas while having a few beverages on the way to keep you hydrated. Don’t forget to eat, this is a serious workout, and you’ll need more than just a few liquid calories.

12 pm Parasol Down – Wynn Las Vegas

High noon at Wynn Las Vegas allows you start your Las Vegas bar crawl with some class and some sunshine. You start your day with a glass of bubbles. Toast to the opportunity. To the ability to see a lot of Las Vegas in one day on a quest to experience as many bars as you can in a 12 hour period.  Go down the escalator and find a table on the patio right beside the Lake of Dreams.

1 pm Bellini at Venetian Las Vegas

Every day should start with a Bellini. Do you agree? You could order a classic Bellini but why not have a little bit of strawberry puree added to satiate your adventurous spirit or slant your tastes toward the mimosa with some orange juice? Either way, a fresh drink with some bubbles is a good precursor to the rest of your day.

If you did this bar crawl in reverse you would have to head into the Dorsey at sister property Venetian. Craft cocktails, cool design and an atmosphere that evolves as the evening progresses would probably keep you there far too long.  Since this bar crawl takes you to the Venetian/Palazzo in the middle of the day you’ll have to choose between  Fried chicken and an excellent bourbon collection at Delmonico Steakhouse or an endless supply of beer at Public House or a Watermelon Sling at Yardbird Southern Table and Bar. These are tough choices but you must decide quickly and then move on. It’s still early.

2 pm Caesars Palace

If you have not eaten a little something by now you’ll have to get a snack if you plan on surviving a Las Vegas bar crawl. Gordon Ramsay’s Pub and Grill works for a quick beer and some fish and chips. You could head to the LINQ Las Vegas for something similar but the full bar and the atmosphere at GRPub & Grill is better. If this was later in the day you would head into Rao’s and have a meatball and some red wine at their circular bar or champagne at Mr. Chows would be a good bet. If you enjoy a good cigar the Monte Cristo Cigar Bar is good for a quick smoke and some bourbon.

3 pm Patio at Carlos n Charlie’s at Flamingo Las Vegas

It’s the middle of the day so an outdoor bar works quite well. At Flamingo Las Vegas you can choose between a giant margarita with people dancing on the tables at Carlos ‘n Charlie’s back patio or you can go for giant margaritas and people singing out loud at Margaritaville. Both are fun spots and both are great additions to a Las Vegas bar crawl.

4 pm Bellagio Las Vegas

You’ll probably be running late by the time you get to Bellagio so it’s possible a quick stop at Harvest by Roy Ellamar can fit into your bar crawl. They have a snack wagon that is a must do but it starts at 5 pm. No worries Petrossian Bar will treat you to old-school style and extremely knowledgeable bartenders. LAGO has a comfy lounge and small plates to entice you to soak up the alcohol that this Las Vegas bar crawl has inundated your system with. Lily Bar and Lounge and Hyde Bellagio also open at 5 pm so if you feel the need to slow down your adventure, this would be a good spot for it.


5 pm to 7 pm The Chandelier Bar at Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

The low hanging fruit of the Las Vegas bar scene is definitely The Chandelier Bar. Yes, you have to stop in but it is the obvious choice. If you hang out long enough level 1.5 opens at 6pm and their experiential drinks are a must do in Las Vegas. Beauty & Essex has a lounge that will keep you busy with great cocktails and the sexy feeling you get when you whisper into someone’s ear. The Vesper is all about the art of the cocktail and the bars at Milos, Jaleo and Momofuku are all very social during the happiest of hours in Las Vegas. This spot has the potential to completely blow up your schedule so choose wisely and pace yourself. If you are running late, The Study at Rose.Rabbit.Lie at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas is your treat for falling behind schedule.

6 pm – 8 pm Aria and CityCenter

The bar at Bardot is so pretty it demands you stop in for a drink and a snack but the problem is that Aria has so many other great spots to imbibe. Frankly, you could do an entire bar crawl at this resort. If you need calories step into Five50 Pizza bar and grab a slice and a beer. A shot of Tequila and ceviche at Javier’s works for the group that is behind schedule and the complete Absinthe experience could work at Sage.  A hidden gem is Vice Versa at Vdara Resort. This lobby bar will tempt you with sexy cocktails and an outdoor patio.

9 pm Mandarin Bar

The views from the bar on the 23rd floor at Mandarin Oriental are worthy of a long pause and frankly after a long day of drinking and eating you’ll need a little bit of time to recharge. This space is elegant and luxurious so be aware of that before you head up to the lounge. If your bar crawl has already taken you to the “loud party” level you might have to skip this and move to the Mandalay Bay. Don’t worry about time anymore because your bar crawl is close to its end point. If you decide to stay try a few of their small plates to go with their exquisite cocktail list. Nothing is left to chance at Mandarin Oriental so the attention to detail will be as refined as you can get in Las Vegas.

10 pm Libertine Social

The party has begun. This spot might be your last stop. You might not get to the view at Skyfall because the cocktails at Libertine Social insie Mandalay Bay are just too good to leave behind. Small plates, great flavors, and fun drinks will keep you intrigued long past the deadline of this bar crawl. You might need to go next door and check out the wine tour at Aureole and peak at the cocktail list across the way at Kumi.

11 Skyfall

If you make it out of the previous spots you’ll end your bar crawl at Skyfall at Delano Las Vegas with a view of the strip. The patio is perfect for the nightcap. Grab a cocktail and raise a glass to your achievement of making it all the way down the Las Vegas strip with a drink in your hand.

Zeke Quezada

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