Shakes, Beers and Burgers at Black Tap Las Vegas

Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer at the Venetian Las Vegas

The Restaurant. The Vegas location of Black Tap Burgers & Beer at the Venetian Las Vegas is just like the New York Version except for the fact that it is in Las Vegas and as everyone knows, everything is better in Vegas. Well, the burgers are about the same, and that is saying that they are still pretty darn good. The atmosphere is loud and vibrant, and you can count on one drink turning into two at Black Tap at Venetian Las Vegas.

Eat. The menu is simple. It’s burgers and fries with a few extra items thrown in so that you don’t feel like your vegan friends won’t have options. Yes, they will turn out an excellent vegan option for those people who have left the rest of us at the feed station. Salad and wings and some fried vegetables round out a basic but very impressive menu.

Drink. Walk in and look at the chalkboard, you should get an idea of what you will drink from there but if you don’t, consider a Dirtwolf Double IPA if you need your fill of both alcohol and hops. Have a can of 21st Amendment Back in Black or go huge with a Watermelon Dorado from Ballast Point, have only 1 (10.5 ABV). The cocktail game is strong but stay away from the Michelada Royale and go bold with a Godfather Part II which is a take on an Old Fashioned or go light with an Aces High that will get you ready for a day at the pool.

Order. Get to Black Tap hungry because you’ll need to start with the spicy wings as an appetizer and there will be plenty of food to follow.  You’ll already have a beer so don’t waste calories on fries with your wings. The crispy Brussels sprouts are sensational, and you cannot go wrong with fried pickles. You’ll need to anchor your meal with a crispy chicken sandwich and The Greg Norman. The Greg Norman is their most popular burger that is dressed with blue cheese, arugula, and a buttermilk dressing. It is a must.

The wildcard in your order has to be the chili burger. You don’t need the cheese, but you do need those crispy onions and the cheese sauce. It is decadent, and it will remind you that while you are in Vegas, you should always go big.

The Shakes. I should say, Crazy Shakes. Whatever you think you know about milkshakes, leave that at the poker table or in your hotel room. Don’t bring that antiquated knowledge to Black Tap because what they are doing is an art form. They will top your shake with a piece of cake if you need it. They jam chocolate bars into the side of your shake. They will confuse your palate with a need for both salty and sweet, and they make your lips pucker with a sour so fierce you’ll kiss a stranger just to get some sweetness back. The Cookies and Cream Supreme is a gift from the Oreo cookie gods. Think ice cream sandwich with a blizzard jammed into a cup with crushed Oreos. It is spectacular. The Sweet and Salty combines peanut butter and pretzels and chocolate and happiness. There is no way you cannot be happy when you eat this shake.


Black Tap Craft Burger & Beer
Venetian Las Vegas
Open Daily 11 am -12 am
Weekends close at 2 am

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