Nobu Hotel at Caesars Palace Las Vegas

Nobu Hotel is located inside Caesars Palace Las Vegas. You’ll get the boutique hotel experience in Las Vegas while getting to appreciate the Las Vegas excitement and options for food, nightlife, and entertainment. Valet at the main valet and then your Nobu experience begins the minute you step into their small lobby.

Nobu Hotel Las Vegas

What to expect at Nobu Hotel Las Vegas:

Dim lighting. That is the way I’ll explain why Nobu Hotel is so good. If a hotel is going to worry about details like a lamp with a dimming switch well, then you know they’ll pay attention to the bed, the furnishings, and the amenities. It’s all taken care of and they have thought of the little things to make the experience a very good one.

Did I mention the tea when I checked in? What about the savory rice cracker?

Personal service and attention to details are key. You’ll feel important and they’ll do a good job of making sure your needs are met.

What you might like at Nobu Hotel Las Vegas:
Nobu Hotel is the type of place where you check in and put your things down in the room and then realize that stripping down to your underwear and putting on a robe will make you happier. I sit on the comfortable couch wondering how much it will cost me to take home a robe while I sip my tea. (yeah, they brought in some tea as I checked in, so not Vegas!) The television is larger than is needed and the extra wide nostrils of the newscaster swallow the scene. I’m almost disturbed by how large the image seems on the giant flat screen as I get comfortable on the bed. (my research always includes a quick nap)

Comfort is defined as a bed that feels soft like a real bed yet possesses that cool memory foam that cradles your bad hip. I lay there trying not to doze off. I’m not successful. Nobu Hotel is comfortable, modern yet classy and has that feel that slightly elevates your mood.

What you might not like at Nobu Hotel Las Vegas:

You might not like the price. Let’s face it; luxury comes with a price tag. I’d like to tell you that it’s worth it but I’ll sleep in my car to get fresh powder or I’ll pay through the nose to get a view of the ocean. It’s all relative and Nobu Hotel is relatively expensive. Oh, yeah, the views could be better but considering the tower this has been built in at Caesars Palace you will not be guaranteed a great view. This is the hotel you spend a few nights in because you like the personal service and you want a different Las Vegas experience.

Would I stay here again? Yeah, in a heartbeat, however, I would be with my wife, we would sleep late, order room service for breakfast and then take a nap before we went to the spa to have a Nagomi Ritual treatment and then our evening would be capped with drinks, dinner and socializing at Nobu Restaurants downstairs.

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My suggestion for Nobu Hotel Las Vegas:

Room service. There is absolutely no way you’ll feel good about spending this much money for food that gets delivered to your room until you actually eat the food. At that point, you’ll be checking the balance of your bank account to see if you can get in at least one more breakfast while wearing the Nobu Hotel robe. Chef Nobu has created a room service menu that would make plenty of restaurants jealous.

Rooms at Nobu Hotel Las Vegas:
181 rooms in this boutique hotel that is right in the center of Caesars Palace Las Vegas. That is a good thing because you get everything you need from Caesars Palace while the Nobu experience. Go ahead and jump into the California King size bed and turn on the 55-inch television while melting into the Italian sheets and snacking on some outrageously delicious room service. My only complaint is that I wish the rooms were just a little larger. They are boutique size like you would find in most major cities but I need my space.

Location: Nobu Hotel Las Vegas:
3570 Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89100

Contact the Nobu Hotel Las Vegas: 866-227-5938

See Nobu Hotel Las Vegas website

Restaurants at Nobu Hotel Las Vegas:
Nobu, All the restaurants at Caesars Palace are at steps away from the lobby.

Entertainment at Nobu Hotel Las Vegas:
None, However Caesars Palace has plenty of entertainment

The restroom at Nobu Hotel Las Vegas
Hotel Elevator at Nobu Hotel Las Vegas
Room service, Nobu Hotel Las Vegas


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