Flock and Fowl Las Vegas

It takes a lot for me to tell a visitor to go off the Las Vegas strip for a meal but this is exactly what I am telling you to do when I say that you must head to Flock and Fowl by Chef Sheridan Su. Technically, this restaurant is really just walking distance from the strip as you can probably see it from SLS Las Vegas. You don’t have to rent a car to visit this tiny spot in a creepy strip mall. All you need is your desire for some seriously good food in the clichéd “hole in the wall”

(there is a second location in Downtown Las Vegas)

Chef Sheridan Su has been cooking in Las Vegas for some time now and his Fat Choy Restaurant is still bringing people to the Eureka Casino for some of his favorites but Flock and Fowl is his new concept that just screams of the passion for food that he and his wife Jenny have. I hate to say that they are restaurateurs because every time I have had their food it feels like I am sitting with the family enjoying something that they are proud of. This started when Chef Su left the strip to create Great Bao in a tiny room in a nail salon. It was then when he spoke of his family meals and his upbringing that the concept of food was to him far more than shoveling out ticket after ticket of passionless dishes.

Flock and Fowl is a simple excursion into chicken. It’s about Hainan Chicken and their love of discovery of dish that was not readily available in Las Vegas but also about an approach to the culinary atmosphere in Las Vegas that did not dumb down the palates of both the Las Vegas locals and the visitors who dared seek out something different. Flock and Fowl is about house-made sauces that dazzle your taste buds. Flock and Fowl is even about fried chicken wings. It’s about fried chicken inside an Asian bao. Flock and Fowl is about passion for a dish and passion for the process.

Simply put Flock and Fowl is about the passion for food that two people can bring to a plate.


Flock and Fowl
380 W Sahara Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89102
Website: Flock and Fowl
Phone: (626) 616-6632
Open daily for lunch; 10:30 – 3:30 closed Sundays

Downtown Las Vegas (At the Ogden)
150 N Las Vegas Blvd #100
Las Vegas, NV 89101
(702) 983-4880
Open: Sun-Thurs 11am-11pm, Fri-Sat 11am-12am

Cuisine: Chicken and Rice
Price Range: Cheap
Attire: Casual

What should you come to expect from Flock and Fowl:
Be ready for a small place in a strip mall about a 6-minute walk from the Las Vegas strip. Once you get inside you’ll realize that this is the real deal so do your best not to judge the book by its cover. You’ll find a simple approach to food run by two people who live to deliver a quality product, On any given day you will find the chef in the back of the house and his wife working the front of the house. This is a family affair and the food is indicative of that personal touch.





How’s The Food at Flock and Fowl?
You will be surprised by the amount of flavor that you can get from chicken. If you are not familiar with Hainan chicken you’ll try it with each of the house-made sauces and then struggle to figure out which you like best. This place is simply Chicken and rice and a sauce. You don’t need anything else.

  • What you should try at Flock and Fowl:
    Hainan Chicken: What you are getting is chicken and rice. The chicken is poached in an immensely flavorful broth that adds to the already best chicken possible. What turns out is a flavorful boneless bird that when combined with the house-made chili sauce is spectacular. Of course, you can go with the soy sauce and be blown away by the different identity chicken takes on or you can slip the chicken into the ginger scallion sauce and then a completely different flavor profile. No matter the sauce, the product begins and ends with a great chicken done exactly as your taste buds will appreciate.
  • Thai Caramel Chicken Wings: Savory and delicious and your new definition of what a chicken wing should be.
  • Chicken Bao: Fluffy bun with a crunchy piece of chicken with just enough sesame slaw to keep the tangy going. Don’t order just one because you’ll need another.

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