Best Things to Do in Las Vegas

Our Picks for the Best Things to Do in Las Vegas, Nevada

You’ll have plenty of options for things to do in Las Vegas but you might need a little direction if you plan on doing all the things you really are interested in.

Check out this collection of the best things to do in Las Vegas that are sprinkled in with some personal favorites as well as those that are extremely popular. The Las Vegas strip has so many attractions that you’ll be hard-pressed to find the time to do everything.

Entertainment in Las Vegas

See a Show in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is that destination where you can be entertained regardless of what you find compelling. Up and down the strip Las Vegas shows that appeal to every taste seem to start in the early afternoon and head straight through the late evening.

If you seek a show that is perfect for the family you’ll find plenty of options from a magic show with Mac King at Harrah’s to a juggler with Jeff Civillico. If you want adult fun you can get that as well at Absinthe or Zumanity.

Las Vegas is also home to some fascinating magicians, Broadway shows and 7 Cirque Du Soleil Shows. With so much entertainment it will be difficult to find the time and the patience to make a decision. Don’t worry, I’ll let you in on a few of my favorites and then you can work from there.

A Few of My Favorite Las Vegas Shows:

Eating in Las Vegas

Food Lovers Utopia in Las Vegas

If you are a foodie, if you love food, if you like to eat and if you love that feeling of the perfect meal, then you will make Las Vegas a regular destination just for the restaurants. The celebrity chefs are all on the Las Vegas strip, the star chefs are in the kitchens, and the options for the best possible dining experience are endless.

Eating for me is an experience, and I can linger for hours over the right meals, in Las Vegas that means that every single day you can have 3 to 5 different culinary experiences that will shock you with excellent quality. What do you desire? Is it amazing Italian, elegant French, juicy burgers or spicy Mexican? Whatever you need you’ll easily find it in Las Vegas.

You can spend an eternity in hotels such as Aria Resort with chefs like Julian Serrano, and Michael Mina or The Venetian where Thomas Keller, Wolfgang Puck, and Emeril Lagasse have restaurants that will please you. The Cosmopolitan Hotel has so many above average restaurants it is as if they opened a resort specifically for food lovers.

So if you love to eat there is no shortage of fabulous restaurants in Las Vegas.

A Few of My Favorite Restaurants in Las Vegas:

Exploring the Pools of Las Vegas


Relax at the Pool

All pools are not created equal and in Las Vegas the differences can range from super comfy lounge chairs to sand on a beach that is being pounded by man-made waves to a rectangle with a few plastic chairs surrounding some water.

Personally, I’m a fan of the lazy river where I can float with a drink in my hand and my legs dangling off a raft as I work on my tan. The Mandalay Bay and MGM Grand each sport a decent lazy river for my lazy drifting. You can also get some adult fun and a “daylife” experience at Encore Beach, Liquid Lounge at Aria, Tao Beach at the Venetian and a few other spots. If you need it, when it comes to a pool, you can find it in Las Vegas.

If you have kids and you want to entertain them at the pool I would suggest the MGM Grand, The Flamingo Pool or the Beach at Mandalay Bay. Flamingo has a few more kids in a sot specifically designated for families. The Mandalay Bay is pretty fun for kids but the number of adults and the Las Vegas craziness sometimes can be overwhelming for your own tastes.

One of my favorites for lounging is the Garden of the Gods at Caesars Palace, it looks incredible, the drinks are large, the food is good and the crowd seems to generally be having a good time. The Bellagio pool will give you a classier approach to pool time in Las Vegas as well as a more subdued experience. If you head to the Cosmopolitan Hotel figure on a foosball match, some pool by the pool and a lot of people watching.

A Few of My Favorite Pools in Las Vegas:

Las Vegas Tours & Activities

Adrenaline Adventures in Las Vegas

Thrill Yourself

You would think that splitting eights with the dealer showing a seven would be enough to get your heart going but Las Vegas offers plenty more. Yes, you can gamble your life savings away and feel the rush of trying to win it back or you can tempt fate in a few other adrenaline boosting ways.

Go to the top of the Stratosphere Tower and ride a slingshot or strap yourself to a hunk of metal and get sent out over the edge or if you really want to see how strong your heart is, attempt a giant leap of faith. You jump off a platform and experience a controlled freefall while a camera records the entire thing. Too Extreme?

Try a rollercoaster or indoor skydiving or fly an airplane. Yes, Las Vegas is like a giant amusement park for adults and some kids even find a way to have fun.

A Few of My Favorite Thrill Rides in Las Vegas:

Indulge in Las Vegas Nightlife


The sound of the music, the atmosphere around the bar, the conversations in the VIP area, yeah, you know what I’m talking about, Las Vegas nightclubs are so jammed with excitement and energy that the night seems to start and end in an instant. Lucky for you there is always tomorrow.

I’m not really a fan of the VIP tables and bottle service unless I am with a few people, instead, roam the club, mingle, meet people and get out on the dance floor. Do you really need a $300 bottle of vodka?

A Few of My Favorite Places for Nightlife in Las Vegas:

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