7 Pubs For a Pint in Las Vegas

The perfect pub in Las Vegas will have cold beer and a healthy beer list.  You should be able to have a few favorites and sample a couple of new beers. The excellent pubs in Las Vegas also offer some good food and an atmosphere that makes you want to stick around longer than you should. Grab a seat at the bar and chat with the bartender because each of these pubs in Las Vegas will keep you happy and get you a good pint of beer.

RiRa Irish Pub at Mandalay Bay

Rira is the pub in Las Vegas where you’ll have to have the fish and chips. You’ll also have to watch a game or engage the servers in a conversation. It feels like a neighborhood pub except that it is in the middle of a hotel shopping area. Start chatting with the help and you’ll soon find out that a lot of the stuff you see in the pub was brought in from an old pub across the pond. Rira can be a place for a meal with a beer or a bar where you have too many pints.
Ri Ra Irish Pub, Mandalay Place at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas https://www.mandalaybay.com/en/restaurants/ri-ra-irish-pub.html

Pub 1842 at MGM Grand
Pub 1842 is the type of pub where the food is put together by a talented staff. Don’t worry, the beer is cold, the bar is fun, and they don’t mind if you laugh a little too loud. The cocktails are excellent, and you’ll have to have the fried pickles but skip the burger with peanut butter. This is an excellent place to watch a game when you need good food to go along with your sports.
Michael Mina Pub 1842, MGM Grand Las Vegas https://www.mgmgrand.com/en/restaurants/michael-mina-pub-1842.html


Gordon Ramsay Pub and Grill at Caesars Palace
You might have a tough time finding a table at this pub because people make reservations. Don’t worry, have a seat at the bar and order something from the bar menu. Personally, this smaller menu available to those who want a pint at a long table shared with friends is better than the stuff they offer in the dining room. You’ll meet others just like you who want a pint and something decent to eat. If you choose a table, be aware that the prices can get out of hand if you start experimenting with both food and drink.
Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill, Caesars Palace Las Vegas https://www.caesars.com/caesars-palace/restaurants/gordon-ramsay-pub-and-grill

Public House Las Vegas at Venetian
Public House at Venetian is one of those pubs with a massive beer list and fancy food. I feel like I should shower when I come in, so it’s not the typical pub.  The food is worth a visit alone, but the extensive beer list means your pint will never be empty. I also like that I can taste a lot of great beers and my wife doesn’t feel like she is in a dirty bar. You see, a happy wife means my happy life. (I should note that she loves sampling the beers just as much as I do)
Public House Las Vegas, Venetian Las Vegas, https://www.venetian.com/restaurants/public-house.html


Nine Fine Irishmen at NY/NY
The music gets loud, and the bangers and mash are worthy of a visit. This is a fun pub with more of a party atmosphere than the others. There is a good chance you’ll be dancing and singing at the top of your lungs at this Las Vegas pub if you spend a few hours here and have more than a couple of pints.  Choose to sit out on the patio, and the atmosphere is far more “Vegas” jovial and less Irish party. Both sections are fun but slightly different experiences.
Nine Fine Irishmen, NY-NY Las Vegas, https://www.newyorknewyork.com/en/restaurants/nine-fine-irishmen.html


Public House Luxor
They call it a pub but it is more of a sports bar. Well, they might not say that, but the giant screens make me think that. It’s a fun spot to watch games and have beers with friends. The food is adequate, and the beer specials are worthy enough to draw your attention.
Public House, Luxor Las Vegas, https://www.luxor.com/en/restaurants/public-house.html


The Pub at The Shops at Crystals

A long bar, a small patio and plenty of tables makes this more of a restaurant that serves beer than a conventional pub, but realistically that is most of the places on this list. The food is typical bar food that pairs well with beer. That is important because they have a good selection and it is your best bet for a casual beer when staying at Aria Las Vegas.

The Pub, Shops at Crystals, https://www.aria.com/en/restaurants/the-pub-at-the-shops-at-crystals.html


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